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Mojmir U. Ježek

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Born in Rome of an Italian mother and Czech father. During his studies in architecture he collaborated with the didactic section at the Borghese Gallery and was one of the founders of the graphic design studio Fantastic 4, in 1968.

His long period of political militancy that followed, ended at the end of the 70s’ with the return to illustrations with ‘Il Libro di Religione’ about the historical relationship between religion and political power. “No...”, a counter history of the indigenous people of North America, came subsequently. As one of La Repubblica newspaper’s regular cartoonists since 1978, Ježek illustrates from the first issue Natalia Aspesi’s column, “Questioni di Cuore” which appears in the weekly magazine “Il Venerdi”.

During the decade of the 80s’ his character “Madame Inquieta”, a feminist with a heart-shaped head, appeared in the comic monthly Linus, and in this period he sometimes collaborated with other publications such as Il Male, Cuore and Playboy.

Ježek began to draw “sequences” onto larger surfaces in the 90’s by creating series of acrylics on cardboard, based on excerpts from novels. Among them are “Amori Crudeli” by Tanizaki, ‘Distanze’ and ‘Porte’ by Peter Handke, “Il Macellaio” by Alina Reyes, and “Nature Vive” with extracts from the hymns of the biblical Song of Songs. These sequences have been published in L’ Echo des Savannes, in El Vibora, Epix, and at home in Italy’s Blue. They have also been shown in Rome’s galleries L’Image, Yanika and La Nuova Pesa.His “hearts” have been exhibited in Brescia’s Galleria dell’ Incisione,as well in Milan’s Galleria Nuages and the Libreria Bocca, and Etage 20  in Duesseldorf.

In February 2001, the City of Naples hosted a large show of 270 Ježek’s hearts at Castel dell’Ovo. In October 2003 he was invited by LuccaComics for a personal exhibition in Villa Bottini. Recently he is working on painting and foam haut-relief. His foam portrait of Idi Amin Dada appeared in the collective exhibition “Black Pages”, at Fabio Sargentini’s galleria l’Attico in Rome.

In December 2008 he’s invited,in Naples, to participate to the international exhibition “IL giallo di Napoli”.In february 2009, again in galleria l’Attico exhibits a large  foam haut-relief named “Trigonometria sferica” In December 2009  Sala 1 in Rome exposes “Morbidi Ritratti” portraites in foam.

Between 2009 and 2010 realize, in collaboration with ZKM, Karlsruhe, the video“s Apollo & Daphne” later showed in the Festival internazionale del cinema di Roma del 2010.